May. 18th, 2009

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• Arrive on campus, get food, eat food.
• Walk across the street, get an ID card (yes, finally)
• Come back, try to use scanner; one computer is retarded, the other is being taken up by girl who obviously doesn't know how to use a scanner and said she'd be another 10 minutes.
• Sat down nearby to watch, waited 25.
• Dude comes up and hovers over her, which freaks her out and she leaves; that's what I get for not hovering.
• He's there for 20 minutes, meanwhile I'm done researching
• Scan my ID card, send it to Adobe.
• Go upstairs to look for books, go to photocopy, and realize I left my card in the scanner.
• I go back down to the first floor ask the girl now at the scanner if she found an ID in the scanner and she was like "No..." and I open it and there it was. Ha! Caught not using the scanner station for scanning.
• Go back up to photocopy book, but is informed "insufficient funds." I had them last time I printed...
• Go looking for a table to sit at and figure out how to add funds because you know, I just got my ID card today. Apparently it requires cash or leaving the building (meaning either checking out my book that the whole point of photocopying was to not check it out, or put it back and relocate it, or stick it somewhere no one will find it and come back for it; really, none of these good options).
• So, thinking I have cash, I go to add cash and discover that I have a single dollar bill: my bus fare. *sigh* Also-the laundry site says you can add with a credit card down in the dorms. So why is the machine in the library not as cool?

That's where I am. I've spent the morning taking my backpack on and off over 20 times between the moves and the book searches and the running up and down staircases with a sore back and really sore shoulders and no where to work on this anyway because it's finals week and the undergrads are freaking out and suddenly becoming overly studious. Too many people and too much talking to be conducive to studying anyway.

So apparently I'm running to the business office now, checking out my book so it can go with me, putting the money on my card, photocopying the damn book (all this effort is making me feel compelled to absolutely use it in my paper), turning the book back in, and getting out here. I swear I wasn't this annoying as an undergrad. Well, they aren't annoying, just nobody's capable of studying by themselves so every one of them is talking quietly.

And man, I'm missing the BYU signature card right about now. So easy, log in to Route Y, click send on the saved credit card info, voila instant funds.


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