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2020-04-20 01:06 pm

Friends Only

If you're looking for my graphics, you belong at [ profile] starlit_grphcs. Please only friend me if you want to talk to me. Graphics post are never done on this journal.

Also, please to not friend me without at least commenting to me. I don't add people just because they added me. Give me a reason.
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2009-07-23 01:24 am

Quick Health Update

• I'm no longer ready to kill the entire health care system. It still deserves it, but I've calmed down.

• Guys, I SAW A DOCTOR! It was a monumental occasion. I really like the resident who came in to see me first, and I like the doctor he's studying under; once I got into the office I was very impressed by the UCI team. I dealt with nothing but good-natured and helpful people. My poor resident I think was a little scared by me. They had two new patients in the office at once, so it was a longer consultation with the doctor that it would have been otherwise. It was actually over an hour (which just be being confined to a 7x7 room for that long flared up my anxiety) before I saw them again, and when they came in, the doctor told me truthfully that my symptoms were unusual for someone my age. So, much to my relief, they didn't write off the panic attacks and purely a mental problem and I did three blood tests and I'm still working on the 24-hour urine test. I'm being tested for diabetes, hyperthyroid, anemia, and crohn's. I know, they all sound SO fun, don't they? Diabetes seems unlikely; I've been keeping pretty close tabs on my blood sugar and it's been behaving very well, thank you. The blood test results should be back tomorrow or Friday.

[personal profile] the_rainbow_jen's parents came to stay with us for the weekend at the last minute. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled about knowing 24 hours in advance, but they needed a break and it came up at the last minute. It was a little rough on me (Saturday was an absolutely terrible day that included "911" ready to dial on my cell phone), and on the roommate; our little 1 bd. apartment was never meant to house four people. However, they pretty much left me to my own anti-social devices and did the occasional parental check on me, so it wasn't too bad.

• I've developed the need to sleep with a light on as well as a slight fear of sleep. Friday night/Saturday morning, I was jolted awake by an attack that left me shaking on the bathroom floor for over an hour. After 45 minutes I called [personal profile] the_rainbow_jen and had her come in and sit with me for a little while because I just wasn't calming down on my own. Ever since that lovely event, I've been hanging on as long as possible so that I completely crash when I sleep. Not the heathiest, but I'm letting my body be a little eccentric right now just to keep it happy.

• I was apparently due for another jury summons. *eye roll* I got the date moved with the excuse "I'm in Orange County and cannot leave due to medical testing." She didn't even need a doctor's note, although I did piss her off because I refused to tell her when I'd be home next. She wanted me to tell her when I was planning on going home next and I was like...I don't know, I haven't planned it, and I don't plan just so I have something to tell the courthouse. So...I'm now set for December 21st. With any luck, they'll take the week off and I go back into the stirring pot.
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2009-06-30 10:44 pm

Of @$$holes and maybe some non-ranting

@$$holes is such a fun way to spell it, you know that?

So...oh hey guys, I went to Utah. Just in case you were wondering. I'm on my way back now, chilling in the Eureka Hotel/Casino lobby. I was going to play on the Indiana Jones machines, but I resisted. Anyway.

So Courtney opened her car door pretty hard getting out and hit the car next to us. and so the rant begins...I hate assholes )

Anyway, today was tiring, I'm tired of turning our trunk into a 3D jigsaw to move my stuff out, and I'm easily annoyed. I'm also slightly heat stroked and had a good bout of heat sickness. Want to piss off someone sensitive to heat? Make them stand out in 100+ degree weather during one the 5 humid days Nevada sees a year. Nevada at 90% humidity sucks butt.

So, Superman movieverse noms...I'll admit, I got a couple that really surprised me, but then again, before this year, I'd only written one story that was elligible, and I forgot to add it to the elligible stories list last year, so. Kind of exciting.

Travel plans continue to suck. A week ago Thursday, rode train to Hanford, Sunday was Fresno and back. Monday we drove Hanford to Vegas, Tuesday Vegas to Provo. Stayed in Provo (with one trip to SLC) for the week, left today and drove to Mesquite. Tomorrow we're driving Mesquite to Garden Groven, I'm finishing Litterbox tomorrow night for the Issue 3 release, then driving to Hanford on Thursday, probably get dragged back to Fresno, then come home probably Monday. It's a lot of travel, and I'm tired.

I don't have to go anywhere past tomorrow. However, my mother's blood sugar is all over the map, and her sleep patterns have been, too. Twice I've had to tell her to pull her and give me the wheel, and she didn't realize she was drifting off or weaving. I'm not sending her through LA over the grapevine without a relief driver. So, I'll go home for the 4th. It wasn't my plan, but that's how it is.


June 30th/July 1st will forever be a sad day if it doesn't include Ashley in London. Yes. Can I go back now, plz? Can I get a visa? Maybe I can get a job in Britain...

Speaking of jobs, I've filled about about 6-7 since I got to Utah, and nothing. Although I heard back from Photoshop lady a third time, and the sample images are being sent to now! I'm so scared, but I hope she hires me! Cross your fingers guys!

I should go up and work towards bed. Don't want to be tired tomorrow.
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2009-05-29 09:20 am

Let's see some numbers!

1. Been in Disney the last three days with my sister. We had a good time. The park's guest make-up was very different from day to day, so it was fun to compare and contrast. Our best success was yesterday; walked onto Space Mountain, only had to wait 20 minutes for Indy, walked onto Haunted Mansion, didn't wait long for Pirates either time we rode it...good times, very good times. I bought my first ever set of Mickey Ears at a shop on Main Street where you can build your own ears. So I have a denim bottom with no decal except my name embroidered on the back, and the traditional black ears. They snap on and off, so if I get bored with the black ears, I buy new ones and attach those.

2. The asthma is sucking today. Yuck.

3. My gardening attempt is in fact successful! 5 of my 6 pots have sprouted, and I'm holding out to see if the final tomatoes do anything. I'm rather pleased with that. Now we wait and see if they get beyond sprouts.

4. So on Sunday at the customary dinner, there was a very cute guy who sat down next to me, of his own accord, and we started talking. This is a very unusual occurence, you understand. So we were talking, he's in Provo, just out here for an internship, and he's my age, and he put up with me for about an hour. Dang it he was cute. His name's Dave. Of course, he's still got two years in Provo, so alas. I ain't moving back to Provo anytime soon. That won't stop me from flirting with him the rest of the summer.

5. Going to see Up with Court in a little while. I'll let you guys know what I think.

6. My Sherlock Holmes addiction continues. I bought the complete Conan Doyle Holmes and I've started the first Sherlock Holmes story; but to my delight it opens exactly the way I would have expected it to, so that makes me happy. Meanwhile in the 1920s I still thoroughly enjoying Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and their absolutely strange marriage. But it works; he's still Holmes, and they're like never affectionate and still don't use first names. Ha. Anyway.

7. Litterbox was hacked and got some malware issues. It was a pain to figure out, but after I realized it infected every index page I got it figured out. Sure hope no one caught anything due to it. Apparently Mugglenet came up with the same warning, so I don't feel like it was my fault for having an insecure website...there was just someone out there that really wanted to do it. Oh well; it's fixed.

Time to shower!
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2009-05-18 11:52 am

It's a "chicken with its head cut off" day

• Arrive on campus, get food, eat food.
• Walk across the street, get an ID card (yes, finally)
• Come back, try to use scanner; one computer is retarded, the other is being taken up by girl who obviously doesn't know how to use a scanner and said she'd be another 10 minutes.
• Sat down nearby to watch, waited 25.
• Dude comes up and hovers over her, which freaks her out and she leaves; that's what I get for not hovering.
• He's there for 20 minutes, meanwhile I'm done researching
• Scan my ID card, send it to Adobe.
• Go upstairs to look for books, go to photocopy, and realize I left my card in the scanner.
• I go back down to the first floor ask the girl now at the scanner if she found an ID in the scanner and she was like "No..." and I open it and there it was. Ha! Caught not using the scanner station for scanning.
• Go back up to photocopy book, but is informed "insufficient funds." I had them last time I printed...
• Go looking for a table to sit at and figure out how to add funds because you know, I just got my ID card today. Apparently it requires cash or leaving the building (meaning either checking out my book that the whole point of photocopying was to not check it out, or put it back and relocate it, or stick it somewhere no one will find it and come back for it; really, none of these good options).
• So, thinking I have cash, I go to add cash and discover that I have a single dollar bill: my bus fare. *sigh* Also-the laundry site says you can add with a credit card down in the dorms. So why is the machine in the library not as cool?

That's where I am. I've spent the morning taking my backpack on and off over 20 times between the moves and the book searches and the running up and down staircases with a sore back and really sore shoulders and no where to work on this anyway because it's finals week and the undergrads are freaking out and suddenly becoming overly studious. Too many people and too much talking to be conducive to studying anyway.

So apparently I'm running to the business office now, checking out my book so it can go with me, putting the money on my card, photocopying the damn book (all this effort is making me feel compelled to absolutely use it in my paper), turning the book back in, and getting out here. I swear I wasn't this annoying as an undergrad. Well, they aren't annoying, just nobody's capable of studying by themselves so every one of them is talking quietly.

And man, I'm missing the BYU signature card right about now. So easy, log in to Route Y, click send on the saved credit card info, voila instant funds.
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2009-05-07 12:36 pm


I know better than to look at this stuff when I'm already in a bad mood (I promise, it wasn't the disorders).

So I was looking at facebook and one of my friends birthday wall posts from a couple of days ago. From a "friend" of ours (who I will be calling R), this showed up:

A----!!! Hey, happy birthday! Do you remember that birthday ages ago when K---- and I dressed up and kidnapped you and threw you a surprise party, but J---- ruined the surprise cause when we got you, he was like "hi P----!", yeah, good times!!! Haha, that was so much fun!!! I love ya and hope you have a fantastic day!!!

Yeah, okay, that's cute, fun little memory, blah blah blah.

The story as Ashley remembers it:
- The Sunday before, K walks up to me and says "Hey, we're throwing A a surprise party on Saturday. Meet out at R's house at [whatever time it was] and we'll go get her."
- 11-year-old Ashley thinks "Oh boy! I'm getting included for once!" so I said I'll be there.
- The week went on and I was excited, blah blah blah.
- Saturday, I get over to R's house a couple of minutes EARLY to see their BMW (Big Mormon Wagon) pulling out of the drive. R rolled her eyes from the front seat and looked back at K in the back.
- I climbed out of the car and walked up tot he back passenger door.

Me: Hey, weren't you gonna wait for me? I'm here on time.
R&K: *silence*
R's dad: Hop in, Ashley. We'll see what we can do about finding stuff for you dress up in to be a ninja spy.
Me: Okay!
K: We don't have any more. R and I used them all.
R: Yeah.
Me: Well, can I have a bandanna?
K: It doesn't matter! She'll still recognize you! You have to stay in the car, and BE QUIET! We're gonna be so angry if you ruin this!
Me: *climbs to the back of the van (which was a long way back; 15 seater), folds her arms, and doesn't talk on the way over*

- The kidnapping goes as planned, minus J's outburst.
- I'm still sulking in the back.
- R pulls A's blindfold off and she laughs, haha, funny joke, nice one, guys, goes to climb out of the car and spots me.

A: Ashley, I didn't know you were here, too!
Me: *shrugs*
A: Why didn't you dress up and kidnap me, too?
Me: *climbs out of the van* Because they told me to be here at [whatever time it was] and I was here early and they were already leaving; I'm assuming I was invited to the party but not to the kidnapping.
K&R: *don't argue*
A: Oh. *goes inside like nothing*

Later K's mom was talking to me about this incident, maybe that next Sunday, and she told me that it was a matter of they planned the party and they were entitled to do the kidnapping. Since I had no love for K's mom anyway, I snapped back with something like they ALWAYS leave me out and they COULD have included me in the planning and I would've been happier had I not had an invite at all than to have them disgusted that I'd made it there early.

But what can I say? This is the same group of friends that senior year I decided to give them an opportunity to throw me a surprise party since I'd always just planned my parties a month or so in advance by default. So I stayed quiet, didn't mention my birthday, there were whispers going on, I was hopeful that I was in fact getting a surprise party and they, hey, they did care enough about me to throw one, and then a week before my birthday I was bombarded by "Ashley, aren't you having a party? When's the party?" After I drug out of them that they were planning a party and then forgot how close my birthday was and "didn't know who to invite anyway" they scratched the idea, I informed them I wasn't having a party because it's not like they cared enough anyway. Again, no argument.

I had awesome friends growing up. And I'm so glad that now that we're adults, R no longer even remembers my presence at that party! Forget that Ashley went and kidnapped, too, it was K and I!

I need to leave my bedroom. My mood is not improving.

I promise, I'm not grumpy that I'm not seeing Star Trek tonight. Well, I am, but that's not causing the mood.
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2009-01-31 03:39 pm
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The Clana Resolution Pool

I'm not a betting person, however...

Word on the street is the February 5th airing of Smallville is the final appearance of Lana in the show. That also means the relationship with Clark and Lana has to come to a close in some shape or form. This pool is all about the means to the end.

We do not discriminate against ships. Lois/Clark, Clark/Chloe, Lois/Ollie, Ollie/Tess, even Clark/ are more than welcome to throw in your vote.

Don't worry, you can give the same answer as someone else; we will not force you to give a different answer.

The stakes: your pride in the fandom
The winnings: the pride of getting it right, and probably a nifty banner

Ready to place your bet? Use the form below:

Once you have completed casting your vote, make our little game known:

Proposed Bets )
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2009-01-27 09:44 pm
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New Vid!

Hey, pics of my room to come soonish. :) I have a desk now :)

But, first, my project while I waited for the Staples guys to deliver my desk. I finished a video for like the first time in two years!

So be nice...this is my first Smallville video, so I'd appreciate you being nice to me...and hopefully Warner doesn't take this one down; three of my vids have been removed in the last couple of weeks :(

| download (iPod format) |

P.S. I love the screencap they chose, haha.
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2008-11-14 01:38 pm

Look, guys, I'm still HP squeeing

I finished my icons. I'm much calmer...amazing what icons can do to me ^_^

but that bridge the Death Eaters destroy in the trailer? I've totally walked on it! )
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2008-10-29 09:03 am
Entry tags:


Most of the friending memes don't really tell me if I have something in common with the person; really, I just find out if our fandom tastes run the same way. But we all post about a whole lot more than just our fandoms, right? You might even find a new one if you find something who is a lot like you with similar tastes.

So, you should all know how these things work by now. Copy/paste the form into a comment on this entry, and then search through the people to find new friends!

Oh yeah, if you want this to be fun, you've gotta pimp it out!

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2008-10-11 09:32 am
Entry tags:

[fic] Kiss-A-Thon (1/1)

Title: Kiss-A-Thon
Author: [ profile] starrylites
Category: Pick your favorite, although as usual it rings truer to L&C than anything else.
Rating: PG - for intense kissing, ha
Word Count: 1350
Summary: Lois Auctions off some kisses for money.
Author's Note: This is perfectly silly, so just enjoy =D

Also, this is part of the Clois 100 challenge on [ profile] 12days_of_clois

[ here ]
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2008-10-07 10:14 am
Entry tags:

Icontest Awards

I need a new post. The old one is huge and well...old. Ancient even.

Icontest Awards )
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2008-08-20 03:44 pm
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[fic] Identities (4/?)

Title: Identities
Chapter: Chapter 4 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1
Fandom: Superman movieverse, Batman movieverse, and a little alternate DC thrown in for good measure
Rating: PG (for now)
Word Count: 2000
Disclaimer: All these guys belong WB and/or DC, not me.
Spoilers: SR and DK spoilers, so consider yourself warned.
Summary: Batman and Superman come to an agreement, and Jason spends an interesting night with Clark.

At least they were clear on the <i>no expectation of friendship</i> unspoken agreement )
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2008-08-15 04:20 pm
Entry tags:

[Fic] Identities (3/?)

Title: Identities
Chapter: Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1
Fandom: Superman movieverse, Batman movieverse, and a little alternate DC thrown in for good measure
Rating: PG (for now)
Word Count: 1200
Disclaimer: All these guys belong WB and/or DC, not me.
Spoilers: SR and DK spoilers, so consider yourself warned.
Summary: Richard and Lois face the reality of Jason's school incident, Diana gets a stern talking to, and Clark has a little 8-year-old's wit to worry about.

Diana, my dear, you are underestimating them. You always have. If Batman chooses to call on the Kryptonian alone, we will need to be ready )
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2008-07-27 01:10 pm
Entry tags:

[Fic] Identities (2/?)

Title: Identities
Chapter: Chapter 2 | Chapter 1
Fandom: Superman movieverse, Batman movieverse, and a little alternate DC thrown in for good measure
Rating: PG (for now)
Word Count: 1800
Disclaimer: All these guys belong WB and/or DC, not me.
Spoilers: SR and DK spoilers, so consider yourself warned.
Summary: This is the stroke that hit me upon seeing Dark Knight. I give you my version of the beginnings of the Trinity as it would exist within the movieverses.

Listen, Princess darling, I don’t know what your deal is, but I’m not going to attack you )
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2008-07-26 12:38 am
Entry tags:

[Fic] Identities (1/?)

Title: Identities
Chapter: 1/?
Fandom: Superman movieverse, Batman movieverse, and a little alternate DC thrown in for good measure
Rating: PG (for now)
Word Count: 1200
Disclaimer: All these guys belong WB and/or DC, not me.
Spoilers: Superman Returns spoilers for sure, Dark Knight eventually
Summary: This is the stroke that hit me upon seeing Dark Knight. I give you my version of the beginnings of the Trinity as it would exist within the movieverses.

Superman found it best to ignore Batman’s comment )
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2008-06-15 10:45 pm


This is awesome.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

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2008-06-15 08:00 pm
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Being Mutt Williams (1/?)

I've been working on this for a couple of weeks, so I don't know if this enough to call a chapter, but I like it.

Title: Being Mutt Williams
Chapter: 1; prologue
Fandom: Indiana Jones
Setting: Post-KOTCS
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1650
Notes: So I've decided Mutt's voice is really fun :)

Hey, just keep that spoiler warning in the back of your mind )
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2008-06-14 03:25 pm

Blasted 3rd Quarter move-up

Dear SciFi channel,

Why did you have to move Stargate: Atlantis to be a 3rd quarter start rather than a 4th quarter start? You're now starting the new season when I'm in London. How could you do this to me, seriously? Now I'm either going to have to hope for a TV in our flat, download it off of iTunes the day after, or illegally catch up somewhere.

So inconvenient!

Yours in irritation,