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Of @$$holes and maybe some non-ranting

@$$holes is such a fun way to spell it, you know that?

So...oh hey guys, I went to Utah. Just in case you were wondering. I'm on my way back now, chilling in the Eureka Hotel/Casino lobby. I was going to play on the Indiana Jones machines, but I resisted. Anyway.

So Courtney opened her car door pretty hard getting out and hit the car next to us. Well, we checked, because there was a scratch on their car, matched it to our door, and they don't match up. There was a scrape on our door, but dude, that's the door Courtney always climbs out of, and she always opens the door way too wide. that scratch on our door could've been there for ages. We went into the casino intending to eat at the buffet, and they were closing in 20 minutes and wanted way too much money, so we settled on KFC on the other side of the town (cuz Mesquite is so big and all). So we go out to get back in the car, and who do we find the guy and girl the car belongs to leaning on the car. We would've gone back in, but we'd unlocked the car with the remote before we saw them.

I think it was Sarah who asked me why I don't like guys with tattoos, and I couldn't give a real reason, just that tats do nothing for me, particularly on guys. Well, I was reminded last night what it is. Guys who have large visible tattoos seem to always be macho and think they rule the world. This was one no exception. Large tat on his arm, lip ring, spiked hair, trying hard to be awesome. His girlfriend/wife/significant other/"babe" he shares insurance with was blonde, flawless skin, proud of her figure, and had that grinding smile. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Should have had your hair in a ponytail so you could flip it, honey, because you were that smug and overdramatic.

So they were convinced we hit them. I opened the door and proved they didn't match up, because they didn't. It was close, but they didn't match. It was also more dent than Court could have caused opening the door. The girl was like, "I'll bet they moved their car up so they wouldn't match!" to which I shot back "If were were going to move the car, we would have moved it to a different space." She rolled her eyes and smiled smugly at me. Gah, my skin's crawling again. Have I mentioned how much I hate preps?

So he had already called security before we got there, decided 3 minutes was too long to wait, went back into the casino to drag someone out. This was for a dent and two white scratches, mind you. The scratches would require a buffing and the dent was noticeable, but only just. So the lady came out, looked at it and said, "look, it doesn't match," and he was like "I'm calling the police."

So by this point I'm ready to start using language that I rarely do. I decided it was better if I went and got dinner; I could tell my blood sugar was low, Mom was sweating like she was close to crashing, and Court was starting to choke up and get teary-eyed because this sort of stuff really really bothers her (medicinal side effects). So, Court and I walked to McD's, brought back some gourmet Big Macs and McNuggets with water. Mercifully our hothead and his prissy girl were gone, and mom was talked to the security lady and the cop. It was agreed it didn't match, and it was put down as a single car incident hit and run, and the cop and security guard were cool, and agreed the couple were ridiculously upset about that.

Okay, first of all, I have no patience for assholes. It's not really coming across in my post, but he was grumbling, rolling his eyes, stomping, trying to look tough, and was ready to take us to court if he thought he could. His girlfriend is the kind of people I want to clobber and I have a hard loving thy neighbor as thyself with. The point is, it was a little scratch that wax can remove, there was no evidence, and it's one of those things that with Court's disabilities, she didn't even realize how far she was swinging that door, if that scratch was us or not. Are you going to tell me that guy checked his car for scratches every time he got in it? It wasn't a nice enough car to warrant that OCD behavior.

Anyway, today was tiring, I'm tired of turning our trunk into a 3D jigsaw to move my stuff out, and I'm easily annoyed. I'm also slightly heat stroked and had a good bout of heat sickness. Want to piss off someone sensitive to heat? Make them stand out in 100+ degree weather during one the 5 humid days Nevada sees a year. Nevada at 90% humidity sucks butt.

So, Superman movieverse noms...I'll admit, I got a couple that really surprised me, but then again, before this year, I'd only written one story that was elligible, and I forgot to add it to the elligible stories list last year, so. Kind of exciting.

Travel plans continue to suck. A week ago Thursday, rode train to Hanford, Sunday was Fresno and back. Monday we drove Hanford to Vegas, Tuesday Vegas to Provo. Stayed in Provo (with one trip to SLC) for the week, left today and drove to Mesquite. Tomorrow we're driving Mesquite to Garden Groven, I'm finishing Litterbox tomorrow night for the Issue 3 release, then driving to Hanford on Thursday, probably get dragged back to Fresno, then come home probably Monday. It's a lot of travel, and I'm tired.

I don't have to go anywhere past tomorrow. However, my mother's blood sugar is all over the map, and her sleep patterns have been, too. Twice I've had to tell her to pull her and give me the wheel, and she didn't realize she was drifting off or weaving. I'm not sending her through LA over the grapevine without a relief driver. So, I'll go home for the 4th. It wasn't my plan, but that's how it is.


June 30th/July 1st will forever be a sad day if it doesn't include Ashley in London. Yes. Can I go back now, plz? Can I get a visa? Maybe I can get a job in Britain...

Speaking of jobs, I've filled about about 6-7 since I got to Utah, and nothing. Although I heard back from Photoshop lady a third time, and the sample images are being sent to now! I'm so scared, but I hope she hires me! Cross your fingers guys!

I should go up and work towards bed. Don't want to be tired tomorrow.

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Said this over MSN, but I'm glad that they were on your side... what punks.

Also, good luck with the photoshop stuff!!!!
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[personal profile] ancarett 2009-07-01 12:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Stupid @ssholes -- glad that the security and the cops didn't go along with their bull!

I'll keep my fingers crossed about the Photoshop stuff!
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[identity profile] 2009-07-01 03:51 pm (UTC)(link)

And yeah, I'm glad, too. But it was pretty obvious that this guy was way out of line. He said he was getting ready to sell the car and this was going to take a lot of money off his selling! It's a scratch, all cars have them.

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I'll pray about the photoshop job.

Also, I know you're worried about your mom falling asleep at the wheel, but is it really worth your insanity and own mental health to continue to travel? Can't you call her while she drives and talk? Or, better yet, have Courtney keep her awake? I'm not just saying this because it would be cool if you were around for a while, ha, but because I can tell, even from 3000 miles away, how much stress it puts on you. And you shouldn't have to have that much stress in your life.

Yay for your Superman verse noms. :) I'm just jealous because no one reads / nominated mine, that's all. I mean, sure, I got like, well, I have one sure one and I bet that's the only one. I'm just easily competitive and jealous and it's petty but I was pretty annoyed by nominations.
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Court sometimes does a good job or keeping her awake, sometimes not, and her emotions are strung really high right now. And yeah, it does stress me out, but her driving home by herself stresses me out more, and I can't call her b/c she's opted for not buying any handsfree to prevent herself from talking while driving.

So yeah, it does stress me out, but this time I should be able to stay at home most of the time, with a quick jaunt to Fresno. So I'll still be around :)

And it's okay, you know I'm petty, too.

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UGH THAT SOUNDS SO ANNOYING. >:( <3 Glad the cop and guard could see sense. SNAP, BIATCHES.