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• I'm no longer ready to kill the entire health care system. It still deserves it, but I've calmed down.

• Guys, I SAW A DOCTOR! It was a monumental occasion. I really like the resident who came in to see me first, and I like the doctor he's studying under; once I got into the office I was very impressed by the UCI team. I dealt with nothing but good-natured and helpful people. My poor resident I think was a little scared by me. They had two new patients in the office at once, so it was a longer consultation with the doctor that it would have been otherwise. It was actually over an hour (which just be being confined to a 7x7 room for that long flared up my anxiety) before I saw them again, and when they came in, the doctor told me truthfully that my symptoms were unusual for someone my age. So, much to my relief, they didn't write off the panic attacks and purely a mental problem and I did three blood tests and I'm still working on the 24-hour urine test. I'm being tested for diabetes, hyperthyroid, anemia, and crohn's. I know, they all sound SO fun, don't they? Diabetes seems unlikely; I've been keeping pretty close tabs on my blood sugar and it's been behaving very well, thank you. The blood test results should be back tomorrow or Friday.

[personal profile] the_rainbow_jen's parents came to stay with us for the weekend at the last minute. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled about knowing 24 hours in advance, but they needed a break and it came up at the last minute. It was a little rough on me (Saturday was an absolutely terrible day that included "911" ready to dial on my cell phone), and on the roommate; our little 1 bd. apartment was never meant to house four people. However, they pretty much left me to my own anti-social devices and did the occasional parental check on me, so it wasn't too bad.

• I've developed the need to sleep with a light on as well as a slight fear of sleep. Friday night/Saturday morning, I was jolted awake by an attack that left me shaking on the bathroom floor for over an hour. After 45 minutes I called [personal profile] the_rainbow_jen and had her come in and sit with me for a little while because I just wasn't calming down on my own. Ever since that lovely event, I've been hanging on as long as possible so that I completely crash when I sleep. Not the heathiest, but I'm letting my body be a little eccentric right now just to keep it happy.

• I was apparently due for another jury summons. *eye roll* I got the date moved with the excuse "I'm in Orange County and cannot leave due to medical testing." She didn't even need a doctor's note, although I did piss her off because I refused to tell her when I'd be home next. She wanted me to tell her when I was planning on going home next and I was like...I don't know, I haven't planned it, and I don't plan just so I have something to tell the courthouse. So...I'm now set for December 21st. With any luck, they'll take the week off and I go back into the stirring pot.
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