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I'm really sad/angry/depressed they killed Jimmy. I mean, to say I'm not would be wrong. I mean—JIMMY?! I cried, you'd better believe it.

1. It's Smallville. I haven't trusted them to do anything right since...well ever, but the final straw was last year's "Clark will fly." From that point on, I've expected them to screw things up. Jimmy's death is no exception. And after I thought about it, I decided he was who they were going to kill.

2. I don't totally hate Chloe anymore. I don't like her anywhere near as much as I used to, but in the end scene Chloe was once again the voice of reason. And hey, for once she didn't go missing, die, or get knocked unconscious. That's progress for her in a season finale.

3. Doomsday is gone. I hated him day one, I still hate him, wah wah wah whiny villains are my least favorite kind, and he's GONE. That is reason to celebrate. Like whoa.

4. Zod is back. Zod is my favorite of the Superman villains, and Zod got short-changed in Season 5. If our new story arc is Zod like for reals, that could be fantastic. Please note this is not a hopeful gesture. Please see #1.

5. Lois, though missing, could be missing in one of many places, places that could be really awesome. 1) Clark has to rescue her from a time on Earth where, heaven forbid, Superman exists. 2) Lois meets Superman and dude, that would be fun. 3) She ended up back in time and Clark has to save her in a silly L&C way (I can be hopeful about that). 4) Some sort amnesia ensues (because we all know Lois is prone to it) and Clark can put on the glasses and show his face as the RBB. They've created an amazing opportunity with Lois' disappearance, and I hope they take it.

6. Clark continues to prove he's an idiot, but we already knew that. Roll eyes, move on.

7. I love the Watchtower. Not for the mushy (but my inner Chimmy ship was happy) but for the fact that Chloe is probably moving out of the Talon and we can finally leave Smallville behind. About bloody time.

To sum it up, Smallville has yet to anger me more than they did with "CLARK WILL FLY" last year, so this big deal.

Now, we're going to pretend I have faith in the show and that they can pull some awesome out of this mess:

• Freakin' awesome Zod story arc.
• Wherever Lois ended up, she met Superman
• Chloe does move into the Watchtower, set it up as such, and make it her apartment. With that, since "Clark Kent" is "dead," let's leave the farm behind, and when "Kal" stops pouting up at the Fortress, let's get a Metropolis apartment.
• You killed off one canon, so give us another — MAKE PERRY EDITOR IN CHIEF.
• Clark wears the glasses
• Clark officially joins the Justice League and dethrones Oliver.
• Pull Gotham in. I understand that Bruce is off limits, but that doesn't mean the rest of Gotham is.
• Even less meteor freaks. Plz.
• The promised cameo from Annette...I want Martha's opinion.

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Date: 2009-05-19 05:53 am (UTC)
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But the important question is: which episode is your icon from??!

Um...they aren't having a Smallville Season 9 are they? *whimpers* This show is a lurching corpse by now...


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