May. 19th, 2009

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I haven't had a Hebrew nerdy/giggly moment in a while.

So, I'm stuck in Sherlock Holmes land (don't ask me about the new movie trailer; gawl, it looks AWFUL) and I not-so-secretly wish I was Mary Russell, apprenticing under Sherlock Holmes, going to school in Oxford...

anyway, yes.

So, they are sitting down going over evidence together...

I quote my book and babble about it )

By way of other random news, my hair is acting very peculiar. Once upon a time when I spent a lot of time out in the sun, my hair streaked. These days the entirety of my hair just gets lighter. Under the right lightning, I'm approaching strawberry blonde with true blonde shine. There is very little streaking. It's just strange b/c even last summer in London, it was streaking. I don't know.

As usual, the nature of my hair eludes me. It's not blonde, it's not brown, it's not strawberry blonde, it's in between all three. But that color doesn't have a name, so I generally get termed blonde. I call it unfair.

My left arm has 8-9 hives on it in a trail, which I am finding strangely perplexing. I'm used to weird stuff on my skin, but it's usually a signal of I've been out in the sun too long. This can't be the case with these because most of them fall underneath my shirt, so they can't be sun hives. They don't really itch that much, but they're sure red. Maybe my upper arm is allergic to something the rest of me isn't.


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